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Paul, 21 Jul 2021

The best food in Sutton

Blazej, 18 Jul 2021

The best cousin in Sutton !!

Blazej, 18 Jul 2021


Hossein, 17 Jul 2021

always fabulous delicious food at very reasonable prices.

Mike, 13 Jul 2021


Nothing was fresh , all went in the bin

Ali, 11 Jul 2021

I am a regular customer. Mostly quick and nice food too.

Sellakathiramalai, 10 Jul 2021


Alexa, 08 Jul 2021

Good place, quality food, I worked at euro car parts and ordered my lunch from here every day, food is bang on

Gary, 07 Jul 2021

Staff are helpful and the quality of the dishes are good, but why do you need to put so much chillies EVEN WHEN REQUESTS ARE MADE FOR NO CHIILLIES. And even when promised a MILD CURRY, the dish is still very hot. Not everybody can eat chillies AND MANY RESTAURANTS DO SERVE CURRIES WITH OR WITHOUT CHILLIES. It’s not a difficult thing to organise and implement!! When the restaurant first opened a few years ago, requests would be followed BUT NOW IT IS ERRATIC!!. Also with current lockdown restrictions: MASK WEARING and SOCIAL DISTANCING, why do the staff NOT WEAR MASK WHEN BENDING OVER THE FOOD counter TO SERVE AND WORST OF ALL TALKING AS WELL with their masks below their noise, mouth or both. Sometimes they even have to bend over the serving food counter to talk to you because of the noise. And also the persons making the faratas, Nan bread or chapatis should wear the mask properly- which they don’t!!

Park , 06 Jul 2021


Hossein, 04 Jul 2021

Very good food but delivery over 1hour 20mins late:(

Nadia, 04 Jul 2021

Hi, We always order from your shop and it is always good. But this time the biriyani,in particular, particularly the chicken biriyani did not have chicken in it. All it had was rice and masala and may be 3 tiny piece chicken.

Sabeer, 01 Jul 2021

I have been waiting for 1.5 hours and my food isnt still here. I cannot call the shop because people are just not accomodating enough to track your order. I hope somebody will get in touch with me with regards to this matter.

Angela, 25 Jun 2021

Food arriving very late-still hasn’t arrived

Hana, 25 Jun 2021

Good value

Georgina Salter, 25 Jun 2021

I love Lahore Spices! Food is authentic and really good. Only thing is, the food arrives very late. They put in a delivery time of within 50minutes and most of the time it is late. Also, I know staff are very busy and when I try to call them about my delviery they are not the friendliest. To be honest I am shy to follow up my order because they are just not accomodating to track my order. If this will change, it will be the perfect restaurant. Dont get me wrong, food is superb that’s why I keep ordering regardless of the delay in delivery and an unaccomodating staff.

Angela, 25 Jun 2021


Hana, 25 Jun 2021

Good. Highly recommended.

Mark, 19 Jun 2021

I want to book a table for Thursday 24th at 8.30. But it appears that you are not doing sit down meals anymore. Is that correct?

David Eldridge, 19 Jun 2021

  Reply : We are open for eat in please call us for any information you need. Thanks

Best biriyani I ever eat ..

Chandrima , 14 Jun 2021

We really enjoy the food & the quality

Mathiyalagan, 06 Jun 2021

Ordered a curry that was due in 50 mins. It’s now 1 hour and 20 mins later and it’s still not here. When I called I was told “it will be there!” Poor customer service.

Andrea, 05 Jun 2021

Love Lahore Spice. Been using it for years. Kebab rolls are amazing.

Andrea, 05 Jun 2021

Absolutely disgusting service. Staff are rude, food is very very poor whoever writes a good review must be family members because the food was at such a poor standard. Appalling. Will not be returning.

Sue, 04 Jun 2021

First order from Lahore, lovely tasty well prepared meal good value

Christine, 04 Jun 2021